The Big Step
The Big Step (2020)
Comedy, Science Fiction,

Production(s): RAI , MiC , Stemal Entertainment , Ipotesi Cinema , Regione del Veneto , Direzione Generale per il Cinema ,

Date de sortie: 2020-08-20

Ever since, at the age of six, Dario Cavalieri saw live images of the first moon landing, he has never stopped wanting to go there. Mario Cavalieri runs a neighborhood hardware store in Rome, until the day his existence is upset by the phone ring. His brother Dario is in prison. Mario finds himself being the only one who can take care of that brother he has seen only once in his life. The two brothers, as physically similar as they are different in character, will find themselves alone in the face of an impossible undertaking..

cast(s): Giuseppe Battiston , Stefano Fresi , Camilla Filippi , Flavio Bucci , Roberto Citran , Luisa De Santis , Teco Celio , Vitaliano Trevisan , Valerio Mazzucato , Pascal Zullino , Leonardo Antaridi , Katy Monique Cuomo ,

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