In Harm's Way
In Harm's Way (2011)
Drama, Thriller,

Production(s): Restraining Hollywood ,

Date de sortie: 2011-11-17

A gritty crime drama about the interconnecting lives of drug dealers, criminals, cops, a washed up actor, a sociopath and an innocent man and woman all on a deadly collision course with each other..

cast(s): Mike Borka , Nathan Tymoshuk , Anjel White , Andreia Mororo , Eric McCulloch , Amanda Day , Douglas Sidney , Brandon Van Vliet , Ryan Kiser , Kareem Wazwaz , Pete Duffy , Bill Cooper , Ron M. Elwell , Jessica Van Vliet , Elliot Diviney , Punnavith Koy , Robb Ross , Dan Beckmann , Shannon McDonough , Landyn Banx , Tyler Jensen , Ryan J. Gilmer ,

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