Only Lovers Left Alive
Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
Drama, Romance,

Production(s): Pandora Film , Neue Road Movies , ARD Degeto , Recorded Picture Company , Snow Wolf Produktion , Lago Film , Faliro House Productions ,

Date de sortie: 2013-12-12

A depressed musician reunites with his lover in the desolate streets of Detroit. Though their romance has endured several centuries, it is tested by the arrival of her capricious and unpredictable younger sister..

cast(s): Tom Hiddleston , Tilda Swinton , Mia Wasikowska , John Hurt , Anton Yelchin , Slimane Dazi , Jeffrey Wright , Ali Amine , Carter Logan , Aurélie Thépaut , Dave W. , Ego Sensation , Nick Name , Yasmine Hamdan , Hamza Kadri , Marc Codsi ,

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